Cyber Goth [1]

Hello! I just wanted try make cyber goth sim. I don't know much about cyber style, but here is my first cyber goth sim...



hair - Cool sims
googles - Tish sims
eyeshadow - Ladyfrontbum
eyeliner - Prada sims
replacement eyes - Lemonleaf
blush - Lemonleaf
lipstick -  Club crimsyn
piercings - Mod the sims
rivet collar - Tish sims
necklace - Annihilation tsr
tattoos - Kitty klan
rivet bracelets - Tish sims
tutu - [ E S 3 B ] 
leggings - Mod the sims


glove - Mason666 tsr
nails - Rosesims
socks - Mod the sims 


bottom - Garden of shadows


top - Store


swimsuit - Rusty nail

[ Used sliders ]
[ Used sliders ]


Hope you like my first cyber goth sim! I'll want hear your opinions :)!

14 kommenttia:

  1. wow again ... amazing
    -green hair original:D

  2. Thank you! Seems you like my sims and sent comments often, so why you don't become my reader :D?

  3. it no occurred to me before:) :D
    - certainly count with me

  4. Okay, thank you for become my blog's reader ^^!

  5. is it nice that emogirl95 always copy you?

  6. I thought emogirl95 don't copy, she just have same cc and same styled sims, but fannie copy me and emogirl95 too!

  7. Excuse me but I do not appreciate you talking behind my back. If you have something to say to me please say it and dont let others talk for you. The custom content is not yours so people are allowed to use it any way they please. I am sick and tired of this. My sims are made from scratch and I dont even download your sims. Do you think your the only one who can make emo/scene/goth styled sims? I've been making those styled sims for years way back in the sims 2. And same goes for Fannie, take a look at our sims theyre close but so what? Its custom content, theres not that much out there. Theres bound to be the same shirt worn twice. Please stop this nonsence whats the point of stressing over something that doesnt need to be stressed over? Please, lets just wipe this slate clean and start anew. Fannie and I would never copy anyones sims as we both know what its like to be a victim of plagarism.

  8. Excuse me? Why you said I talked behind your back? Didin't you saw my comment?

    anon:is it nice that emogirl95 always copy you?

    me:I thought emogirl95 don't copy, she just have same cc and same styled sims, but fannie copy me and emogirl95 too!

    Why you think I said something like you copy me or I can only make scene and emo sims lol! My scene sims arent't perfect! I don't care If somebody have same top and bottom, but if make up and accessories are same, then I care! And I do not never said I own all of cc. I can't never say like that! Why you think I say you copy me, why?

  9. Well obviously there is some miscommunication. The way you wrote 'Fannie copy me and emogirl95 too!' sounds like your accusing me of copying. But now I understand, you think shes copying me. Yes her sims may wear some clothes I make my sims wear but we are the same style. I think of it more as inspiration. All I would like is to clean this slate. I dont want anybody to be wrongly accused of anything.

  10. Yeah, I spotted that little bit too late, it's really sounds like I said you copy me, but I do not meant it :D!

  11. And I didn't copy you...please can we start a new? If I made a sims similar to anyones it coincidence and I don't mean to...

  12. of course we can start new :)! I do not want to be mad to anyone!

  13. I want that tutu so bad! I tried to download it but it doesnt work in my game! it requires anything else more than the tutu? please help me(?

  14. Here is another link. I guess that will work :)!