If this is to be my end...

...OR NOT!! Guess who's finally back?? I haven't played sims or updated anything in 10 months. Pretty crazy imo. Anyways now I've my brand new laptop and I can carry on updating tumblr mainly. I only update this blog if I upload something for u guys. So if u are hungry for pics of my new sims I recommend to check out my simblr.

Bye for now.



Sorry I haven't post anything here in a two months. And I can't post anything until I get my own pc. But why I haven't updated my blog? About two months ago I tried update ts3 but something went wrong. When I tried open my game after updating there came pop up and it said:

" Install program noticed that the sims 3 version 1.63.004 has installed already.
This install program installs the sims 3 earlier version (1.0.631).
You need to uninstall previous version before installing this version." 

I've no idea what the hell happened?!! I don't have the sims 3 on files but that says I have. So something really went wrong. But I'll get my pc on next year.